0013Thursday 3 May 2018

I have so many tabs open currently I'm really surprised nothing's crashed yet. I'm trying to cram some modern css into my brain so I don't go using tables for layout. Although what I'm trying to do, I know there must be a way to do it with css, and it's so simple with tables (I could type it up with my eyes closed), but I'm trying to be good, see.

And failing. As usual. I did a little curiosity searchy-research over at namecheap.com (domain name registrar). There used to be a tansied domain and I was wondering if it was still registered. It doesn't seem to be, but I told myself firmly I had no need for a domain name. Didn't close the tab, though. Nooo, I discovered some tasty new TLDs - xyz, one, red, pink, pw and space. And some older ones I'd forgotten about - ws and cc. And I did register some new domains, because I'm bloody naughty and stupid and irresponsible. I might use one to redirect here, just for fun. Or I might, as usual, not do anything with them at all and just let them expire in a year's time. Not that long ago I had to allow to lapse a favourite domain name I'd had for many years, because I couldn't afford to renew it (or couldn't justify the expense given I wasn't using it for anything, "I just liked the name"). I don't like to admit to being a domain hoarder but I am, lowkey, but I used to be way worse. At one point I had about 30 that I did nothing with, not even as redirects or portals or collectives. I hate to think what I spent back in those days. Well, I have some idea, a vague recollection, but I like it to stay vague because I don't like to be reminded of past financial irresponsibilities. *cough*

Ah... domains I do nothing with. I should be more ashamed than I am, but some of them I hold on to for IP (intellectual property) reasons, ie I don't want them turning into spam or porn or junk portals, because on about page 11 or 15 of certain google search results, there are still old links to my name and those domains, from way back when they had actual proper content. Once those results move down to page 25 I might think about letting the domains go. Maybe. Yessss, google is not the only search engine, I know, and it's not like I'm a huge fan of google, but I hate other search engines more. Actually I hate all search engines pretty much equally, except when I want to buy something.

Will I ever stop... *eyeroll*

Uh, so, after the order went through and I went to my namecheap dashboard to make sure the new names were locked, I saw I have a domain I'd totally forgotten about. It's existed for a few years and is online and being used for something (although mainly email forwarding so I have unlimited throwaway addresses when I need some), but I can't believe I totally forgot it existed. It's possible I no longer get any mail through any of those redirects, and since I don't use it for anything else really, I should get rid of it. Which is to say, cancel its hosting and allow the domain to expire in August or whenever. Or if the hosting is worth keeping, put a different domain on it. Although the ones I am using, they're set-and-forget really. Which, duhhh, is how I forgot about the other one. I'm stupid, I really am.

I have got some "legacy" domains online that have content from way way way back that I don't want to change or archive or move, so for as long as those hosts are still functioning (and assuming the yearly cost doesn't go up drastically), they can stay as they are. There are I think four of those. And one I host for someone else. Which leaves, I think, six (?) that I'm keeping for IP reasons? Two used to be my personal sites so there is no way I'm letting those names go and have them be repurposed in an unsavoury way. The other four... I really ought to look into that. If I'm not using them, they ought to go.

I'm getting a headache thinking about that. Change the subject.

What else did I get up to today? I meant to go shopping, and didn't, of course. Had a long phone chat with my mum, who is worried about certain family members who don't seem to have half a brain... Not meaning me, for a change. Though if she knew more about the reality of my life she would be worried. So I don't tell her. She's got enough other things to be worried about without wasting energy on me. Hmm. Also a phone chat with H, which was civilised and for once didn't make me feel like he was expecting me to say "certain things" (which I'm not going to say). Read a bit, napped a bit, watched some TV (some of the backlog of dramas recorded going back weeks, feel like I'll never catch up). Avoided SD. And tried to learn this css, which still eludes me. Big sigh.

Yours dysfunctionally,

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